Speak louder, clearer, bolder with garbage-free copy that makes your purpose-driven business THRIVE!


Your business gives us a ride towards environmental and social change.

Don't stay parked on the sidelines with a wishy-(green) washy message that doesn't do anything to bring you closer to consumers who are waiting to ride with you.

Instead, invite more people to carpool with you -- zero emissions style using:

On-brand, persuasive copy as fresh as the air penguins, seals, whales, and flying seabirds breathe in Southern Ocean, Antarctica.

Content that charms conscious customers to love and follow you like sunflower fields to the sun.

And an overall messaging that makes you a llama among the sheep through stories that stand true to what you believe in, who you are, and what you do. 

Wondering how you can write all of that while staying on top of the hundred and one moving parts of your business and making Mama Earth proud?

That's where I come in.

Call me Katrina

Copywriter and email marketer-in-the-making here to help you speak louder, bolder, and clearer.

Together, we'll discover your unique voice and message. I'll translate it to on-brand copy and content that will make you the #1 choice for conscious consumers.


Fluff-free, of course, because that's garbage! 

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If you're on a mission to make the world a better, happier, eco-friendlier, and a more accepting place to live in


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So you can start achieving the

purpose-driven business trifecta!

(or triple bottom line if that's what you want to call it!)

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Providing growth and opportunities to the people involved in the day-to-day operations of your business, your community, and stakeholders

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Ensuring that the planet is here to stay for future generations through creating an eco-friendly culture and a sustainable value and supply chain

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Consistently achieving your financial goals through growing a healthy business using ethical marketing strategies 

She saved me from the headache of trying to write my own copy!

Her lack of work samples that align with my brand's area which is clean beauty for women of color almost stopped me from working with her. However, I saw that she was very experienced and skillful so I figured she'd be able to adapt - and she was able to!

Her copy has completed my home page by increasing my credibility and professionalism and makes my brand seem more human.

She didn't need much direction and is clearly a very skilled copywriter. If you work with her, you won't spend too much time with hand-holding and revisions.

- Ilka Ervin, Rein Beauty

The planet needs more trees.

Let's get planting!

We're growing a pocket food forest in my corner of the planet and



I'll be planting 1 ftree for every project I work on.


Some client love!

Katrina came highly recommended to me and I was not disappointed.

Everyone has loved the copy that she has written. Not only does it look and sound professional, but it sounds like it was something that I wrote myself.

She was able to get inside my head and the way I think and translate that to an award-winning copy that is guaranteed to sell to our audience.

If you want copy that sells. Katrina is the only one I would consider hiring.

- Amanda Maltz, SEO Hunter Academy

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